Penso Power is creating the largest battery energy storage projects in Europe, providing superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


  • Innovative revenue model that enables deployment of energy storage at scale whilst providing certain and superior returns

  • Focus on the most attractive sites that combine low cost to deploy with high revenue potential

  • Larger sites benefit from economies of scale and superior procurement terms


Energy storage is an important facilitator of the transition to a low carbon energy system.  The growth in electricity sourced from intermittent renewable sources creates a greater need for flexibility to keep the UK's electricity system in balance.  Battery storage provides a scalable solution to UK Grid balancing requirements and is unique in its speed and ability to respond to Grid stress.  The economics of battery storage are attractive without reliance on subsidies, with a range of revenue opportunities available.


Penso Power is currently deploying the first two of three adjacent 49.9MW battery energy storage projects in Wiltshire.  The first 100MW will energise in 2020 while the 50MW extension will come online in 2021.  We have a number of sites of similar size in our pipeline.


Penso Power benefits from the backing of blue-chip investors and contractual relationships with large energy companies.  We are actively working on a number of opportunities to expand our pipeline and we are open to exploring further opportunities in both renewable generation and energy storage.


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