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Penso Power creates, finances and manages landmark projects in renewable energy and energy storage.  We also work closely with a range of end customers and partners to help them fulfil their sustainability goals.


Our Minety project in Wiltshire is the largest battery storage site deployed in Europe to date (initially 100MW / 136MWh and 150 MW / 266MWh when complete) enjoying significant scale benefits in connection and deployment costs and delivering the best risk-adjusted investor returns in the industry


We consider energy storage to be an important facilitator of the transition to a low carbon energy system.  The growth in electricity sourced from intermittent renewable sources creates a greater need for flexibility to keep the UK's electricity system in balance.  Battery storage provides a scalable solution to UK Grid balancing requirements and is unique in its speed and ability to respond to Grid stress.  The economics of battery storage are attractive without reliance on subsidies.

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Optimising the value of our projects and the assets deployed is a key part of what we do - utilising corporate PPA structures, offtake arrangements or more active market exposure working with the right partners.   


Our ambitions are global and we are looking at opportunities across a range of developing markets in Africa and Asia where we believe there is significant potential to make an impact.