While bringing enormous benefits, the move to distributed and intermittent low carbon renewable generation creates challenges for our energy system. The deployment of battery storage facilitates the addition of renewable generation and can help defer or avoid the cost of expensive network upgrades.
Energy storage plays a key and growing role in ensuring the resilience of our electricity networks. Batteries provide a scalable solution that is unique in its ability to respond rapidly and proportionately to imbalances in electricity supply and demand.
Battery storage supports lower emissions, lower costs, and lower energy prices.

Penso Power is developing and deploying a substantial pipeline of large-scale battery energy storage projects in the UK, Italy and Australia. Penso Power creates value at each stage of a project’s lifetime, from project development, design, and deployment to post-construction operation.
Our ambitions are global, and we will continue to seek new opportunities in a range of markets including in Europe and developing markets where we believe there may be significant potential to make an impact.
We benefit from the support of our partners , a leading global maritime company involved in shipping, floating infrastructure, deepwater oil & gas production, and new sustainable technologies.

The Minety development in Wiltshire, UK was Europe’s largest operational battery storage project at the time of energisation, initially 100MW / 136MWh and 150MW / 266MWh when fully built.
Our Hams Hall project in North Warwickshire, UK will see a further step up in scale with 400MW of connection capacity and an approved design allowing for deployment of up to 2GWh of energy.
Our battery storage project pipeline currently exceeds 4GWh.

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Planning Inspectorate allows appeal and planning permission is granted for battery storage development adjacent to Bramley substation.

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Johh Wybrew headshot
John Wybrew OBE
Following a 30-year career at Shell, John served as an Executive Director on the boards of British Gas and its successor companies, latterly National Grid. For 8 years thereafter, he was a non-executive Director of the energy regulator, Ofgem.
John chaired the British Energy Association from 2005 to 2007 and the Foundation for Management Education from 2000 to 2013. Until 2009, he was Chairman of a government-backed Sector Skills Council for which he was awarded an OBE.
Richard Thwaites headshot
Richard Thwaites
Richard was Chairman at Limejump, a leading energy technology company, until it was acquired by Shell in February 2019. He spent a large part of his career in investment banking roles at Morgan Stanley and HSBC and latterly as Managing Partner and head of Energy and Renewables at Emergent Capital Partners.
Richard is a member of Ofgem`s Capacity Markets Advisory Group.
Andrew Mcaleavey headshot
Andrew McAleavey
Andrew is a qualified management accountant with over 25 years' experience in a range of finance roles of which the last 10 years has been as CFO and board member. Most recently Andrew was interim CFO of Limejump with prior roles including CFO of a Fidelity International backed healthcare fund. Andrew sits on the ESO Markets Advisory Council.
Dr Nia Jia headshot
Dr Nan Jia
Nan has over 18 years' experience in electrical and electronic engineering with a focus on the renewable energy industry since 2013. Nan has substantial experience in grid-scale renewable generation, grid-scale and behind-the-meter energy storage as well as the development of community energy storage concepts.
Hui headshot
Hui Wu
Managing Director Penso Power Australia
Hui has over 13 years of professional experience in the renewable energy industry. Since his MBA graduation from the IESE Business School in 2010, he has served various management roles with leading companies like Suntech, GCL/Powin and Sungrow. Hui currently oversees Penso’s general business in Australia including project development & acquisition, operations and business development.
Erik Nygard headshot
Erik Nygard
Erik is the founder and former CEO of Limejump, a leading energy technology company, taking that business from inception through VC-funded growth, exit to Shell and integration into the broader Shell New Energies operations. Erik has very substantial experience and expertise in energy markets, trading, hedging and optimisation.
Now based in Ghana, Erik's focus at Penso Power is renewable energy and energy storage opportunities in Africa.
Erik Stromso headshot
Erik Strømsø
Erik is the Managing Director for BW Renewables and is responsible for scaling BW's investments in the renewable space. He joined BW Group in 2021 and sits on the group Executive Committee. Prior to joining BW Group, Erik was a Senior Equity Partner at Pareto Securities, a leading Scandinavian investment bank, with a key focus on the energy and maritime space.
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